Market Overview

The total global market for mobile phones is in the range of 1.8bn sold phones per year (2015) and about 50% of these are categorized as smartphones.

It can be assumed that more or less all smartphone users regards the camera as one important function of the smartphone. The massive uptake of photos and videos on social media is one evidence that more and more people are using the camera/cameras in the smartphones. Applications such as Snapchat and YouTube are mainly based on videos created by smartphones.

The ability to capture the instant moment is critical in this rapidly changing world and the poLight technology is here a key enabler.

The smartphone environment is one of the most demanding and competitive both when it comes to speed of new technology introduction as well as form-factors and innovation height. High-end smart-phones of today, often have higher processing power than PCs and the image/video capabilities are astonishing compare to what was possible some few years ago. The fact that consumers change their smartphones more frequently than any other device both create volumes but also that new technology comes into the consumers hands quicker than by any other device.

Consumers are used to be exposed to more and more functionality in a very limited and portable form-factor with excellent battery performance, nice design and high product quality. The emerging and rapid growing “Smartwear” market will put similar requirements on the technology innovation.

Some of the main trends related to “mobile imaging” can be summarized as:

  • Higher image and video quality (the smartphone becomes “the imaging device”) with technologies like:
    • PDAF, OIS, AF and OIS.
  • Front camera (Selfies) – Virtually all selfies are produced in Smartphones and excelent images in focus are crusial for the user experience.
  • Dual camera solutions (both front & back)
    • Improved picture quality with different camera characteristics (low light etc.)
    • Depth map for new applications and/or 3D
  • Wearable device with miniature camera


The poLight technology is optimal and the only existing technology to adress all these trends and the related market and product demands. This makes the poLight technology unique and future proof. poLight would like to support you in your project and further explain the capabilities of the technology.