Øyvind Isaksen appointed as CEO of poLight® AS

Øyvind Isaksen (51) is engaged as new CEO in poLight® AS and the current CEO Christian Dupont will become CMO in charge of Sales & Marketing. The strengthening of the management team is the first step in a process towards a public listing. 
Øyvind Isaksen has previously held several CEO positions, most recently in the publicly listed company Q-Free ASA, which he left earlier this year after 7 years as CEO. 

“poLight®’s board and investors are of the opinion that the company is well positioned for a future public listing. Having Øyvind Isaksen on board, we have in place a CEO with significant background from technology companies as well as extensive experience in leading a publicly listed company”, says Chairman of the Board Keith Cornell. 

poLight® offers the fastest autofocus (AF) actuator for use in future camera phones. poLight® has a patented Tunable Optical Lens with many performance benefits compared to today’s VCM (Voice Coil Motor) lens, and it scores far better in terms of instant focus and low power consumption. Combined with advanced image processing the poLight® lens will create new mobile applications such as: Instant FocusTM enabling to bring the image in focus instantaneously; All in FocusTM which will allow the user to have all objects in-focus, from close to far; and full resolution Focus after the fact, which enables the user to refocus the picture long after taking it without losing image quality etc. 
poLight® is working with several potential customers and is in the process of establishing manufacturing capacity in a cooperation with a manufacturing partner. Mainstream production is planned to start in 2015 – in time to address a fast growing market estimated to grow from 1.2B in 2013 to 2B USD in 2017.  “poLight® addresses a large and growing market and its Tuneable Optical Lens technology is well positioned to become the basis for next generation camera technology”, says Keith Cornell.

  ”poLight® has the possibility and ambition to become the leader in a billion dollar market fuelled by the expected technology shift in mobile cameras. In addition the company has a roadmap of innovative optical actuator technologies having several applications to be explored at a later stage”, says the newly appointed CEO, Øyvind Isaksen. Isaksen will take over as CEO with immediate effect. 

The largest investors in poLight® are; 
Viking Venture (http://www.Vikingventure.com/), Alliance Venture (http://www.allianceventure.com, Investinor (http://investinor.no) and Sintef Venture (http://www.sintef.no/Kommersialisering/Sinvent-AS/)   
For further information please contact: 
Chairman of the Board: Keith A. Cornell, mobile: +44 7713 739500 
CEO: Øyvind Isaksen, mobile: +47 908 76 398 
See www.polight.com