Bartec Pixavi and poLight @ MWC-15

poLight first TLens® based Touch & Refocus™ Smartphone to be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2015
TLens brings true-focus edit to smartphones 

BARCELONA — March 2nd, 2015 — poLight, the world leader in very high speed and ultra-low power autofocus actuated lens, today announced that it has partnered with BARTEC PIXAVI to integrate its TLens based Touch & Refocus in mobile phones. poLight’s Touch & Refocus application is based on true focus images and is generating full resolution pictures focused at selectable distance and/or depth of field.
poLight’s Touch & Refocus software is based on focus bracketing. It leverages the TLens ultra-fast 1ms autofocus (AF) response time to enable burst image capture at different focus distances.  Thanks to the TLens, the field of view remains unchanged during the AF sequence hence drastically reducing the image processing complexity, CPU cycles and power consumption.     
“Smartphone users will therefore be able to edit their pictures and create sharp images of the subject with a natural bokeh (blur),” said Christian Dupont, Chief Marketing Officer at poLight. “They will also be able to change the depth of focus all the way up to getting high quality all-in-focusTM images.” 

“BARTEC PIXAVI customers are often working in hazardous and difficult to access environments, thanks to poLight’s unique TLens functionalities, our customers will be able to take blind shots and still obtain a perfectly sharp picture using touch & refocus capability,” said Christian Rokseth, CEO at BARTEC PIXAVI. “On top of this, poLight’s TLens 1ms focus response time will enable our camera to perform Instant focus, as well as all-in-focus video and images. We are pleased to collaborate with poLight  and we are planning to use poLight’s TLens in our next generation smartphones.”  
poLight’s TLens offers many performance benefits over today’s VCM (Voice Coil Motor) technology used in current mobile devices. It scores 10 to 15 time faster in terms of focus response time and 30 time lower in terms of power consumption. 

poLight is a fabless optical MEMS Norwegian company and has just raised $19M to accelerate the commercialization of  its TLens which will be produced in ST MEMS wafer factory in Italy from the 2nd half 2015.  poLight’s TLens based Touch & Refocus in BARTEC PIXAVI’s smartphone will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from March 2nd to 5th, 2015. To make an appointment, please contact