About us

poLight AS is a Norwegian company headquartered in Horten. Furthermore, polight has a set-up in France, Korea, China and Japan. The global polight team comprising industry specialists having decades of experience in the MEMS and Imaging domains.

After more than 8 years of research and development, aiming to replicate the human eye lens, poLight is in the final stage of introducing products to the market with a technology taking astonishing images with instant focus.

Its patented proprietary technology enables the production of wafer scale (MEMS) active optical components based on deformable polymers. poLight’s TLens offers some crucial advantages to the camera module market such as extremely quick time to focus, and extremely low power consumption and constant field of view and that combined its extremely small size allow for easy implementation of single and multicamera implementations, while achieving high optical quality (megapixel independent and HD compatible). The poLight team has proudly developed the fastest focus actuated lenses on the market.